What is the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker – The Ideal Characteristics?

Buying a coffee maker for people who live alone can be a difficult job. For one thing, they live alone that means they don’t require too much of a coffee at a single stretch. Therefore, buying a large coffeemaker which can brew a number of cups at the same time can be a waste of money and space. Also, if you go for a single serve coffee maker, most of them would not have every feature that you would want. In this article, we would help you to find the best single serve coffee makers suitable for you.

Single Serve Coffee makers – Different Types

The whole industry surrounding the coffeemakers has gone tremendous transformation over the years. Today, the single cup brewers are available in two different types – on one side, K-cups, or Vues and Nespresso Pods on the other hand. This homemade espresso machine by Coffeedx will definitely help you while selecting the best espresso machine.


Pods are very handy as they allow you to brew up your coffee up very quickly. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir of the pod, push the button and wait for the coffee to steam up under a minute. They are easy to clean also and you don’t have to dump paper filters after every brew. You can buy these coffee pods to provide you with a different range of flavors you want. One thing you must keep in mind while choosing your coffeemaker is to give a thought about the different pods it can use.

Drip Style

For traditionalists, drip coffee makers are still available in the market today. You can enjoy your coffee by brewing it yourself in an old-fashioned way. Drip style single cup coffee makers allow you to make changes to your coffee taste the way you want by changing the amount of coffee you add to the drink.

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Why settle for one when you can have both? Hybrids allow you to combine the features of both drip coffee makers and pod brewers. You can produce single or multiple coffee cups with these coffeemakers and you can also choose to use the type of coffee you want.

What Characteristics To Look While Buying Single Serve Coffee Makers?

The competition in the coffeemaker industry is so intense that a number of different coffee manufacturers are fitting for the top spot. You might be spoilt for choices for buying the best single serve coffee makers. Always keep the following points in mind when you want to buy them:


Most of the single serve coffee makers you will find in the market will be smaller in size and very compact. Always remember that these coffeemakers will get hot too soon and will emit a large amount of steam. There keep them around an open area in your kitchen.

Options to control Coffee Strength

Make sure the coffee maker you choose has a button or setting to adjust the overall strength of your coffee.


Always keep a check on the amount of coffee your brewer can produce. Make sure it is large enough to fill your regular espresso cup.

Operational Noise

Single serve coffee makers are quiet in general while in operation. You will only be able to hear a gurgling noise when the coffee is being filtered in the maker.


The single serve coffee makers are available in a number of different price ranges. Add to them coffee packs and pods, the price of having a machine can be costly. Therefore, you might need to sort the coffee makers out according to your budget.

Tank Capacity

Make sure the coffee brewer you choose has a larger tank capacity and can keep the water hot for some time longer.
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The Last Words

Single serve coffee brewers are very useful because of their small size and portability. These are perfect for people who just want to have a single cup of coffee at a time and not want to make a number of coffee cups together.

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