Hi all!  I’m Rachael – the main contributor to Simply Fresh Cooking.

A little about me:  I have a serious passion for cooking healthy, fresh foods.  I’ve always been passionate about food in general, but not in a healthy way until January of 2011.  Prior to that, I’m ashamed to admit that margarine was my bff.  Boy, have I come a long way since then!

My desire to begin this healthy eating journey came from being diagnosed with several different health conditions.  I wanted to heal myself through the power of healthy food and not a ton of prescription drugs.  I’m still on this journey and learning so much about food every step of the way.

I’ve been married to my wonderful and very helpful husband, Bill, for 3 years.  We live together in Omaha, Nebraska (no, there aren’t any cornfields or cows in our backyard), and we <3 each other a lot!

Here’s the man behind the blog.  He’s the best, right?!  He contributes to the blog whenever he has the time ( he’s the only one around here who has a “real” job outside of this blog).  I’m crazy about him AND the yummy food he makes, and I’m so happy that he enjoys doing blog posts and cooking as much as I do.  I’m not only happy for my tummy, but for yours as well.  If you like his recipes, you should tell him… maybe he’ll start creating more recipes!  :)








A little about us:  We obviously enjoy cooking together.  It’s always been something we’ve bonded over.  Even before the blog – we’ve been known to spend hours talking about food and planning our menus for the next week.  Now that it’s healthier, it seems more fun to us than before.

We don’t only cook… we enjoy working out together, backyard fire pits, camping, spending time with family, watching tv, wine and cheese, watching tv… ok, we’re extremely boring.

We’ll just stick with the food, and you can let us know how we’re doing.

Thanks for stopping by!